Five Tips To Choose Rain Chains That Match Your Arts-And-Crafts Style Home

Popular at the turn of the 20th century, the arts-and-crafts movement sought to bring arts and handicrafts into fashion. As a result, homes classified as arts-and-craft architecture tend to have lots of handcrafted details and crafty embellishments, but their overall style is very similar to the Victorian bungalows popular in that era. Trying to choose rain chains for an arts-and-craft style home? Here are some idea to explore: 1. Find shapes that mimic the detail on your home.

Limestone Countertops: Are They Right For Your Kitchen?

Look at a slab of limestone, and you’ll see a subtly colored stone with charming deposits of fossils. This seems the perfect conversation piece for your kitchen countertop. However, one of the great debates in countertop materials is whether limestone is suitable at all for the kitchen. Limestone is, in fact, suitable. Like marble, though, it does require some extra maintenance. Composition of Limestone Limestone is a sedimentary rock. Its distinctive base color comes from calcium carbonite.