Five Tips To Choose Rain Chains That Match Your Arts-And-Crafts Style Home

Popular at the turn of the 20th century, the arts-and-crafts movement sought to bring arts and handicrafts into fashion. As a result, homes classified as arts-and-craft architecture tend to have lots of handcrafted details and crafty embellishments, but their overall style is very similar to the Victorian bungalows popular in that era. Trying to choose rain chains for an arts-and-craft style home? Here are some idea to explore:

1. Find shapes that mimic the detail on your home.

Look at the detail work on your home and try to find rain chains with designs that mimic those details. For example, if you have lots of semicircles, find a rain chain that incorporates that shape. Conversely, if you have lots of angled decorations, stick to sharp angles in your rain chain.

2. Explore fluted shapes.

Some old architecture employs fluted shapes. For example, you may have a turret on your home, a set of columns on your porch or other details that have slightly fluted shapes to them. Draw attention to these shapes by choosing a rain chain with fluted designs. In particular, many rain chains consist of a set of fluted cups linked together by a small chain. As rain water runs out of the gutters, it fills the first fluted cup. When that overflows, the water runs to the following cup and so on and so forth until the water hits the ground.

3. Consider simple chains.

As your arts-and-crafts style home may be bursting with a range of colors, patterns, or shapes, you may want to embrace simplicity with your rain chain. To that end, consider a simple rain chain that looks like a chain. With these designs, the water beads up along the sides of the chain and runs down along it. If you like, you can dress up these chains by having them end in a bird bath or a similar type of item. These simple rain chains can provide a nice contrast to a busy home design.

4. Use metal.

Just as rain chains can have a range of designs, they can also feature a range of materials. To embrace the classic vibe of your home, use a metal rain chain. Consider the warmth of copper or go for a rustic look with weathered iron or steel.

5. Play with flowers.

If you are trying to mimic the old-time feel of your arts-and-crafts home, remember you don't have to mirror visual elements. Rather, you can invoke concepts that remind you of years gone by. For example, classic floral patterns are a great option for a rain chain that matches your home.