Hire A Holiday Light Installer To Hang Lights In These Locations

Decorating the exterior of your home with lights in advance of the Christmas holidays helps to give your residence a cheerful and welcoming appearance. When your neighbors do the same, motorists who drive along your street will get to enjoy multiple homes decorated for the season. If you don't feel up to the task of hanging your own lights — perhaps because you're recovering from a physical injury or you have a fear of heights — you can turn to a professional for help. Look for an exterior holiday light installation professional in your area, and contact them to discuss how you want your home to look. You may wish for them to hang lights in these locations.


A lot of people like hanging holiday lights along the gutters of their homes. At this height, the lights will easily be visible from a distance, which may be one of your goals when you think about hanging holiday lights. Unfortunately, hanging lights from gutters can be a daunting task for a homeowner. It requires you to stand on a ladder for a prolonged period, which may not appeal to you. Your professional light installer will unquestionably have experience doing this particular type of work and will be able to stretch your strings of lights along each of your gutters.

Windows And Doors

You'll also want to think about having lights around the windows and doors of your home. Doing so can add a lot of exterior illumination, especially when you have a home with multiple windows on the side that faces the street. It can take a lot of time and patience to hang strings of lights around each window and door, but the finished product will give your home plenty of curb appeal. The lights around the windows will also add a pleasant glow inside the home, which can be fun for your kids.

Roof Outline

While a home that has holiday lights along the gutters and around the windows and doors can certainly look vibrant, you might have a goal of making your residence one of the brightest on the street. If so, talk to your installer about mounting lights around the outline of the roof. Strings of lights across the peak of the roof and up the sides of the roof will further bolster your home's visibility and make it stand out from your neighbors' homes if they don't hang lights in this position. To learn more, contact an exterior holiday lighting installation professional in your area.