A Few Tips On Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

When designing custom kitchen cabinets, every detail must be accounted for. It may seem like just a few inches of space, but it can make all the difference in the world. So much of home design is organizing and implementing small details. This is especially true in the kitchen where space is usually in short supply, and there is much to store. The kitchen is an important place to upgrade because that is where family members congregate multiple times a day, plus it can add greatly to the value of your home. No matter what look you are going for, there are a few things that you may want to consider adding to your cabinets when given the choice.

Multi-layer drawers

You would think that there is not much to redesign in a drawer, but you would be wrong. Newer homes have begun to sport multi-layer drawers which work to utilize the empty space in the top section of the drawer. Imagine, for example, your cutlery drawer. They are usually stored in a steel, plastic, or wooden organizer, but then the top half of the drawer is just empty. With a multi-layer drawer, you could move your cutlery to the top and then store napkins, placemats, and other fabric items underneath. This is one way to use the space more efficiently. 

Soft close drawers

If you have small children at home, you may want to choose soft-close drawers. Many children struggle with being careful and slamming drawers and cabinets is one way that this is made manifest. Soft close drawers protect themselves from damage, improving the lifetime of the product.  

Hidden Appliances

Many homeowners choose to install hidden appliances along with their custom kitchen cabinets since it gives off a congruous, consistent look. Since everyone has one, there is really no need to show off your dishwasher or refrigerator after all. 

Storage Above All

Ultimately, storage is crucial in a kitchen. There are pans to hide, appliances to use, food to keep stocked, and dishes to use constantly. Depending on how many there are in your home, you may want to figure out how to store more in the kitchen, instead of needing another area for supplies. 

In conclusion, custom kitchen cabinets allow you the flexibility to get what you want from the space you have available, along with what you need. Many realtors agree that you will get back whatever money you put into your kitchen since it will raise the value of your home accordingly. It is wise to do it once and do it right.