How To Create Your Own Supply Of Fresh Drinking Water From Rain Barrels

Potable water in certain areas of the country, as well as in other countries, is difficult to come by. It is not as though water in a desert readily rises from the ground and just sits there. However, you can cut the costs associated with your city water in these areas by creating your own potable water supply. During wet seasons, collect as much rain as you can in giant barrels. Then do the following. 

Filter Water Through Rock Salt

Home water softener systems have two tanks. One of those tanks contains a lot of rock salt. Water from the plumbing feeds into the rock salt tank, and filters through the salt to become purified. Taking your cue from this home water filtration system, you can filter all of the rain water you have collected through a salt filter into other clean barrels and then cap and seal those barrels for when there are water bans in your area. You will have plenty of water to drink, for washing, and for watering your yard. 

Use a Purity Pump

Survival drinking water systems utilize a pump that looks oddly similar to a bike tire pump. Water is drawn up inside the tube via a vacuum pump handle. Inside the tube it is filtered through special filters to remove all heavy metals and impurities. What is left is water that is safe to drink. You can buy a similar pump kit to attach to the tops of rain water barrels. Then pump water out of these barrels when you need it, or pump the water through this filtering pump into another clean barrel, seal the barrel, and store the water in a cool, dry place. 

Stretch Carbon-Covered Cloth Over the Top of a Rain Barrel

If you do not want to filter, pump, or transfer your collected water before drinking it or washing with it, use a homemade carbon filter instead. There are many faucet systems and water pitcher systems that utilize carbon to filter out impurities. You will need a large stretch of filtering fabric that is covered in carbon. Place it over the top of a barrel and secure it around the lip of the barrel. When it rains, the rain water is automatically filtered through the carbon sheet. If you want to fill several barrels at once, repeat this process for as many barrels as you want to fill. 

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