5 Ways A Large Tree In The Yard Can Ruin Your Day

At first, a large tree in your yard can seem like a benefit, as it provides shade and greenery. Unfortunately, large trees in residential areas cause problems more often than not. If your tree poses any of the following concerns, then removal may be the most responsible option. 

1. Damage Liability

If your tree falls, it can cause damage to neighboring properties and you may be responsible. Although liability laws vary by region, in many areas the responsibility of repairs falls on the property owner that suffered tree damages even if the tree wasn't on their property. There is an exception — if it is determined that the tree owner was negligent in care or maintenance, then it may be their responsibility. To avoid the risk of liability, it may be best to remove the tree. 

2. High Heating Bills

Although trees may shade the home and lower energy costs in summer, come winter that shade can lead to a vast increase in heating bills. For many, heating is a higher expense than cooling, as well. Evergreen trees planted on the wrong side of the home are most guilty of providing too much winter shade, so you may want to remove these and replace them with shorter deciduous trees that allow light through the branches in winter. 

3. Property Damages

Damage to your property is also a concern. A large tree can cause major destruction to your home at worst. Roof damage from dropping branches is also common. The root system from a large tree could also be large. Tree roots can cause foundation damages as well as create uplift issues that cause sidewalks and driveways to develop cracks. 

4. Landscaping Challenges

A large tree that blocks out too much light can lead to sparse and patchy grass beneath. A common issue is to end up with weedy growth and dirt under a large tree. Both ornamental and vegetable gardening may be out of the question due to too much shade from the tree as well. Further, large trees take in a lot of water and nutrients, which can also make it difficult for other nearby plants to thrive. 

5. Cleanup Woes

It takes a lot of work to clean up for a larger tree. Your autumn months may seem dedicated to leaf raking, for example. Spring brings a mess from pollen and flowers, while summer could lead to fruit and seed drop issues. Large trees make large messes that must be attended to, so you may prefer to remove them for easier cleaning and maintenance. 

Contact a residential tree removal service if you are ready to take out a large tree.