Tips For Using Your Garage For Storage

A garage can be one of the areas of a home that you may struggle the most to keep organized. While you may feel like this will be an area of the home that you will never be able to effectively organized, it may not be as difficult of a process as you may think.

Ensure There Is Sufficient Shelving

A common reason for a garage space being prone to disorganization can be the fact that this area of a house is more likely to have a limited amount of shelving available. This can lead to you needing to place any items that you are wanting to store on the floor, and this can make it much more difficult to keep the garage organized. Using a shelving system can be an option for both increasing the number of items that you can store in the garage while also making sure that it is organized and a safe space for you to navigate.

Utilize Wall Hangers Whenever Possible

In addition to installing shelving, it can also be useful to install wall hanger systems. These systems can be an excellent choice for storing tools and other smaller items that may not make a lot of sense to place on larger shelving. When installing wall hangers, you will want to be sure that these are installed in a stud in the wall to make sure that they are able to stay in place once the weight is added to them.

Consider Ceiling Storage Systems For The Garage

The ceiling can be another area in the garage that may be used for storage, but this is a solution that may not be suitable for every garage. In particular, if you have a smaller garage with an automated garage door opener, there may not be space on the ceiling to install drop-down storage systems. These storage systems will be anchored to the ceiling, and they will serve as a level space for storing a variety of items. Depending on the design of this storage system, it may be able to lower so that you can easily retrieve items from it or it may need to be accessed with a stepping ladder.

Improving the organization and storage capacity of your garage can be an often-overlooked project that will substantially improve your quality of life and the functionality of your garage. By installing additional shelving, utilizing wall hangers, and adding ceiling storage, your garage's storage capacity can be greatly increased without making it a more difficult area to navigate.

For more information, contact a garage storage system service.