4 Types Of Patio Covers To Consider For Your Home

If you want an attractive finish for your patio, then a cover would be ideal. There are many options for patio covers, so it's easy to find something that matches the architecture of your home and the design of your patio area. Here's a look at four types of patio covers available.

1. Louvered Pergolas

You can buy pergolas for your patio that provide partial shade. However, unless the top is covered, pergolas don't protect you from the rain. They might make up for it in the beauty they provide, but if you want an attractive patio cover as well as full protection from the sun and rain, consider a louvered pergola cover.

You can adjust the louvers to close for rain protection and open the louvers when you want to let the sun stream through.

2. Finished Ceiling Wood Cover

You can buy patio covers made of wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Your choice might depend on how much maintenance each type requires and how well the material matches your house. A wood cover has a classic look that can blend in well with your home, for example.

You can have patio covers finished too so the ceiling has insulation and wiring for a ceiling fan and lights. This makes your outdoor space like another living area. The overhead fans provide a cooling breeze while driving away bugs. Plus, you'll have the best illumination with overhead lighting.

3. An Aluminum Solid Cover

An advantage of choosing aluminum for your patio cover is that aluminum needs very little maintenance. This is important since a patio cover is difficult to reach to make repairs and to clean.

Aluminum patio covers come in colors such as white, tan, brown, and gray. When you choose a solid cover, you'll have full protection from sun and rain and have a stable support for adding shades or screens if you want them.

4. Vinyl Lattice Cover

If you like the shiny look of white vinyl or if you want a cover that matches your white vinyl fence, then a vinyl patio cover would be a good choice. Vinyl is easy to care for, and it stays looking nice for a long time. Vinyl covers come in colors other than white, but white is a popular choice.

A lattice top cover lets sunlight filter through so you have partial shade and partial sun. This is a good choice if you don't want mold to grow on your shady patio or if you want warmth from the sun during the winter.

When choosing your new patio cover, consider the material you want the cover made from and the type of roof you want. There are many types of covers on the market, from simple designs to luxury styles. You're sure to find something you love that fits your budget too.