Wood Chips Are Attractive As Mulch And They Nourish Your Soil

If you're putting in new plants around your foundation or in your yard, you'll probably want to add mulch to control weeds. Wood chips have an attractive appearance, although you can also opt for rocks or rubber. Here are some benefits of choosing wood chips or strips and some tips for buying it in bulk.

Reasons To Choose Wood Chips For Your Plant Beds

One of the biggest benefits of buying wood is that it enriches the soil when it decomposes. This makes your plants healthier as you keep adding more chips as the years go by. If you prefer organic wood for nourishing your soil, buy from a garden center or landscaping center where you can find high-quality mulch in bulk.

Cheap mulch in bags you find at the grocery store may be treated with chemicals or have diseases that could affect your plants.

Options In Wood Mulch

A garden or landscaping center may have a wider variety than you find at a home improvement store. Brown mulch is classic, and it has a tidy appearance since it resembles soil. You can buy mulch made from different types of wood, such as pine or cedar. Cedar is an interesting choice since it decays slowly and it gives off a nice aroma that insects don't like. You can choose bark chips or finely shredded wood. Just keep in mind, the smaller the pieces of wood, the faster they will decay.

Buying Mulch In Bulk

If you need a large amount of bark or wood shavings, buying it in bulk will probably be cheaper even when you add in the delivery charge. You can always compare prices to see what works best for you. To determine how much you need, measure the length and width of your plant beds as well as the depth you want the mulch to be to get the total cubic yards you need to buy.

The landscaping supply company, like Fick Supply and other local businesses, can help you determine the cubic yards you need if you just want to give them your measurements. The representative might even advise you on the best depth for the wood chips based on the type of plants or trees the chips will be near.

Once you place your order, you might bring the wood chips home yourself if you have a truck to haul them, but it's a lot easier to let the company deliver your order. They can dump the wood chips at the top of your driveway or wherever you want it so it's convenient for you to load your wheelbarrow and spread the mulch around your yard.