Southern Comfort: Porches For Outdoor Living

If you're looking to replicate some of the South's famous charm and hospitality, you need a space that's perfect for sipping sweet tea, telling stories with friends, or eating a nice picnic in the comfort of your back door.

Here are some porch ideas to keep in mind when you're redesigning an outdoor/indoor living space.


To be comfortable, a porch must have the creature comforts of an indoor space, while also feeling like an extension of your backyard.

Air it out: Although air conditioning your porch probably won't be practical, making sure that air flows freely can take the edge off of the stuffiest summer afternoons. Having ceiling fans distributed throughout your porch can generate a breeze you'll never cease to enjoy. When choosing fans, make sure that you pick fan blades that are easy to clean and suited for an outdoor space. These fan models normally do not have lights, which allows for stronger fan motors and bigger fan blades.

Hearth heat: In addition to having a way to cool down your porch on a stifling summer night, you should also consider chilly winter evenings. Having your contractor install an outdoor fireplace can create the perfect gathering spot for a New Years Eve party or winter cookout.

Spaces to Gather

If designed properly, a porch can be the place you sip your coffee on many mornings or have a glass of wine to watch the sunset on.

Custom seating: You can't lounge without somewhere to relax. Building custom benches or seating arrangements can make your porch a comfortable space you'll keep coming back to. When building these seating arrangements, it's important to choose cushioning and fabrics durable enough for outdoor weather. Having the ability to remove cushion covers and other fabric surfaces will help you keep your porch from becoming rundown.

Expandable surfaces: Similar to building a wealth of seating options into your porch, you should also add versatility to your tables. For instance, having a leafs in your dining room and end tables can help you expand for larger groups or parties with many serving options. This can allow you to turn a high-top table into a makeshift bar. Additionally, choosing stackable coffee tables can create fewer storage issues when you aren't entertaining guests. Having a discussion with your building contractor about the types of functions you want your porch to serve can help hypothetical needs meet realistic situations.

Reach out to a porch company to learn more.