Seniors And The Need For Heat And Air Conditioning

Having an HVAC system in your home may be a luxury. Some people have to make do with fans in the summer and a fireplace or small room heaters in the winter. However, if you have elderly loved ones, then an HVAC system is more important than ever. Learn about the reasons why heaters and air conditioners are so important to seniors in this article.

How heat affects seniors

When a person gets older, they will be more likely to get heat stroke. They can have a harder time recognizing that something is wrong when the signs of heat related illness is starting to set in. Also, they may have health problems or be on medicine that can increase the likeliness of them getting heat stroke.  

Seniors can also be forgetful, and they can have a harder time getting around, even in their home. These things can lead to them skipping meals and not drinking as much water as they should be drinking. Not getting enough water each day will put them at even more of a risk of heat stroke. Also, a senior won't sweat the same amount as they did when they were younger, and sweating is the body's way of helping to cool itself down.

When a senior doesn't have air conditioning in their home to help them cool down, then they can end up getting heat stroke rather suddenly and this is a serious condition that can lead to their demise. For this reason, a senior living in an area where the summer temperatures can get to be quite hot need to have air conditioning to ensure they aren't going to be seriously affected on those hot days.

How cold affects seniors

Cold can negatively affect seniors faster, easier, and more seriously than someone younger than them for a number of reasons. For one thing, a senior's body will store fat differently, and this can cause their body to become colder easier.

Conditions like diabetes are more common in seniors and affect their ability to stay warm. Certain medications can decrease the heart rate, and this will naturally cause the circulation to slow down, leading to colder extremities.

A serious problem that can happen to a senior who gets too cold is hypothermia. Hypothermia can lead to death. Even if they are inside of their home, if the temperature gets too cold because they don't have a proper way to keep their home warm enough, then they are at risk of hypothermia. For this reason, a proper heater should be installed in their home that evenly warms their home, so they will be safe and comfortable in the rooms they spend most of their time in, such as the living room and bedroom.

For more information, reach out to an air conditioning contractor near you.