Mouse Proof Your Country Farmhouse

If you have watched television programs that focus on pest infestations, you may have viewed one that pertained to field mice and the manner in which they enter a residence that hasn't been properly sealed. It would be very unpleasant to be woken up to the sound of scratching along the baseboards of your home and learn that mice were trapped between the outer and inner walls. Before moving into an older country farmhouse, seal the home to prevent mice.

Learn How The Home Was Constructed

Acquire a thorough background of the residence that you will be moving into so that you are aware of the basic construction of the home. Some homes have vents running along the foundation's exterior, which are responsible for ventilating the basement during the summer so that moisture doesn't accumulate.

Other home styles lack these vents, but have interior vents that are located along the walls or flooring and that are directly connected to the ductwork that is part of a central heating and cooling system. Vents are one of the main ways that mice could gain entry to your residence, especially if there is any structural damage to the home or if one or more of the vent covers have loosened.

Inspect, Repair, And Seal

After knowing what type of home construction you are dealing with, you can inspect the home from various angles to make sure that vent covers are in place, gaps are not located around doorways, and windows, and that mesh screen that is used to enclose a front or back porch is in good shape.

You may be anxious to move your stuff into your new home, but it is better to complete an inspection and minor repair work before you bring everything in so that you aren't bombarded with an infestation in the future that could result in some of your property being ruined by a bunch of rodents.

Apply a line of caulking around each windowpane and doorway. If larger holes that were caused by damage are located in sheetrock, use a patch kit to fill them. Afterward, sand and repaint the surfaces. Since the home was unoccupied prior to your purchasing it, provide the interior rooms with a thorough cleaning.

Begin your life in your new residence on an orderly note by getting into the habit of cleaning up leftovers after meals, disposing of trash, and disinfecting surfaces. These practices will deter rodents and insects in the event that your home wasn't sufficiently sealed during the previous steps.