What's The Frequency, A/C? Knowing When To Replace Your Unit

Central air conditioning units seem to last forever, or close to that. Yet, should you really continue to rely on and use an old unit to cool your home? How frequently should you replace your A/C? Here are some very important answers to those hot questions.

After a Decade, Like a Car

Most HVAC repair companies advise that you look at replacing your unit after a decade, give or take a couple of years. While you could easily squeeze another five years or more out of an old unit, it is not recommended because of the fact that old air conditioners become much less energy efficient with age. Think of it this way; if you would not keep and continue driving a car that is more than a decade old, why would you keep and continue using the A/C unit when it is that old?

When Components or Refrigerant Is Banned by the Government

There are lots of old A/C units out there that are operating on refrigerant that has been banned by the government. R22 refrigerant is one such cooling chemical. Any A/C units still using this refrigerant are supposed to be replaced with newer A/C units that use a different type of refrigerant. Likewise, when A/C components or other refrigerants have been banned, and these items or chemicals are part of your A/C unit, you have to replace them.

When the Unit Breaks Down More Than Twice in a Single Year

This is very rare, but sometimes manufacturers of A/C units produce a few machines that just continually fail. If a recall has not been issued on your particular model number, it may just be that your unit has some major issues. When an air conditioning unit breaks down more than twice in a year, you should seriously consider replacing it, especially if the unit is fairly new or less than ten years old.

When There Is a Recall

Recalls can happen on any product at any time. This includes air conditioners. If you, or your HVAC technician, registered your air conditioner with the manufacturer at the time the unit was installed, and you receive a recall notice, you need to replace the unit. Thankfully, in this instance, the manufacturer covers the cost of replacing your unit, as well as any labor charges. There have not been many recalls on A/C units in recent years, but that does not mean it cannot happen.

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