Ways To Clear Your Clogged Kitchen Drain

It's frustrating when your kitchen drain clogs when you're trying to do dishes or cook a meal, and the sink won't empty. It's not easy deciding what to do. Clogs can often be cleared without calling a plumber, but letting a plumber handle the emergency is a lot easier. Here are some simple things you can try that might clear the clog in a hurry.

Plunge Vigorously

Plunging often works on kitchen drains as long as you get a good seal and you plunge hard. Don't give up too soon as it can take a lot of work to get a tough clog loose. Kitchen clogs are often a mixture of food bits and grease. Try to loosen the grease with hot water before you plunge so the clog can be pushed through more easily.

Dig Out The Clog

If the trap and pipe under your sink are easy to take apart, you can unscrew them and see if the clog is located in a place you can reach. You might push or pull the clog out if it is in the upper part of the drain. You might only be able to do this with plastic pipes you can unscrew by hand. Old metal pipes often get stuck together, and you could cause damage by trying to force them apart. Just be sure you turn the water off before unhooking the drain because if you forget and turn on the faucet, water will drain on the floor.

Borrow A Snake

If you have a small drain snake at home, or if you can borrow one from a neighbor, you might be able to clear the clog from the drain. It's best to open the drain pipe so you can avoid the twists and turns in the upper part of the pipe. Feed the snake into the pipe at the wall opening so that it goes in straight. Sometimes, small snakes for home use work great on clogs, but other times, a commercial snake is needed. Before renting one, call a plumber for a quote. You may find it isn't worth the cost or effort to rent a snake and use it yourself.

You may be tempted to run to the store for some drain cleaner, but think about that option carefully. Drain cleaners are dangerous to use and have in your home. Think about the effect on your pipes and septic tank if you have one. Drain cleaner is also a problem if it doesn't work, and it might not work on a bad clog. The plumber may be exposed to those chemicals when they fix the sink. Instead, if you can't clear the clog with plunging or cleaning the top part of the drain, then consider calling a plumber. The plumber can use a snake or hydro jet and have even the toughest clog cleared out fast.

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