Commonly Asked Sewer Line Hydro Jetting Questions

A sewer line will allow the wastewater from your house to leave the property so that it can enter the local sewer system. Unfortunately, these lines will become clogged or develop other issues over the course of time, and homeowners must be prepared to address sewer line issues if they are to protect their homes from the types of problems that a clogged sewer line can create.

What Could Cause Your Sewer Line To Develop Clogs?

For most homeowners, a clogged sewer line will not be a very common issue to encounter. However, there can be several potential causes for this type of issue. In particular, roots penetrating into the sewer line can be a common reason for the line to become clogged. Furthermore, mineral deposits can form and solid matter can become trapped in the pipe.

How Will Hydro Jetting Correct These Issues?

Hydro jetting is an extremely effective way of addressing these issues. During this procedure, a tube that can spray water at extremely high pressures will be applied to break up these clogs so that the flow of water through the sewer line can be restored.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Hydro Jetting To Clear These Clogs?

There are a number of ways that you can have clogs from sewer lines removed, buthydro jetting can provide you with some important benefits. One of the main ways that this procedure is superior is due to the fact that it will not require extensive excavation work. Rather, it is possible to insert a tube into the home's plumbing, and this can be navigated to the sewer line. Due to the fact that it is possible to avoid the need for excavation, this procedure may also be much more affordable. Lastly, hydro jetting can usually be completed very quickly as the water can rapidly break up the clogs that have formed, and this will minimize the disruption that you experience as a result of this type of work.

Is Hydro Jetting A Safe Procedure?

The need to completely replace a sewer line can be extremely expensive and disruptive. Not surprisingly, homeowners are often concerned about causing damage or excessive wear to this line. As a result, these individuals may assume that the high-pressure water will damage the interior of the pipes. However, this procedure is actually much less likely to damage the interior of the pipes than traditional repairs using drain augers and chemicals. Drain augers can physically scrape the interior of the pipes while clog removing chemicals may weaken the pipe's lining.