Fresh Ideas For Decorating Your Patio

Patios are a big boon to your home life, right? They allow you to enjoy the outdoors with many of the creature comforts of the indoors. In the warm months, you may even spend more of your time on the patio than inside the house. Therefore, you deserve to have an outdoor space that's as attractive as your indoor spaces. Make over your patio with fresh décor.

Painted Wall

One of the ways you create style inside the house is with a fresh paint job, right? Well, that can work for your patio as well. Create a fresh backdrop for your décor by painting the patio walls. Obviously you need a high quality outdoor paint. You can choose a neutral color or opt for a bolder option, such as charcoal gray or red. If you don't think painting the whole wall works for the rest of the exterior, simply change up the trim around the windows and doors to make your patio space unique.

Customized Container Garden

Container gardens are a classic for the patio. What makes yours customized is your choice in containers. You could opt for flea market finds or a set of painted Talavera pots. If you're crafty, you can also create your own custom containers with terra cotta pots and paint. From there it's a matter of creating a fetching tableau with the plants. Home and Garden TV suggests you follow the "thriller, spiller, filler" rule. Basically that means you start with a tall "thriller" plant in one of the pots. You place lower "filler" plants in other pots and fill in the gaps with "spiller" plants that grow over the edge of the pots.

Outdoor Art

Another method for customizing your patio is with outdoor art. Now, you can go with the usual garden gnomes and frogs. However, there's no rule stating you can't choose actual sculptures to decorate your patio – they simply have to be weather proof. Indeed, you could choose metallic sculptures that will take on their own unique patina through the years. Utilize sculptures as a statement piece in your patio's décor, meaning you give them center stage.

Candle Lanterns

Part of effective patio decorating comes in also creating a unique ambience. Nothing creates ambience like the flickering of candles. Naturally for the outdoors you need to place them in lanterns so they don't blow out. Collect a selection of decorative candle lanterns that fit your patio's style, whether Moroccan for an exotic flair or antique-looking for rustic décor. Cluster them in corners wherever people congregate, such as near seating. That way in the evening you have intimate spots with pretty, ambient lighting.

Give your patio a fresh take with a decorating makeover.