Set Up A Sunny Sanctuary In Your Home This Spring

When you crave a little bit of sunshine, it may not always be an option to head outside. Set up your own little sunny sanctuary in your home this spring to fulfill your need for natural sunlight any time of the year! This could be a corner of your bedroom near a window, or a cozy little nook on your porch; depending on your home, a sunny sanctuary can be created anyplace that you have sunlight and some overhead protection.

Some ways to create a sun-filled sanctuary include:

Hang wind chimes. Set the sanctuary's mood by hanging a pair (or two) or wind chimes. Aluminum wind chimes for sale will create a soothing sound that is serene and relaxing; these are also affordable and durable. Hang the chimes where they will get a bit of a breeze when you open a window in your sanctuary.

Find the right spot. Choose your sanctuary location based on where you will have a bit of peace and quiet, as well as where you will have some sunlight. Whether you elect a spot indoors or out, you want to make sure that you have overhead protection with an awning, roof, or canopy, and that you have a little room to sprawl out.

Configure your furnishings. Don't try to cram too much furniture into your sanctuary. Consider where you want to sit, add a chair for a guest, and a table for convenience. You may also need a light source, so check out battery-operated lamps and clever fixtures that will give you enough illumination to enjoy the space at night.

Soothe with some sounds. If you don't hear nature in the background, buy yourself a sound machine to replicate these soothing sounds. The sounds of birds, water, rain, and wind should help to drown out the sounds of traffic or other distractions that could interrupt your peace and tranquility.

Add something living. Another way to bring a soothing quality to your sanctuary is to breathe some life into it. Add a potted plant, herb garden, or even a fish-tank to give the space a bit of life. Whether you are making your space indoors or outside, plants and fish can contribute to overall health and well being in a positive way.

If the summer seems to sneak by you, set up a year-round sanctuary that you can enjoy in any kind of weather. Use these tips to create a space that mimics the outdoors, while providing you with enough shelter to enjoy it any time.