The Ugly Truth About Hard Water And Appliances

Hard water is such a common household term these days that many homeowners just ignore the problem and think they can go on about their life because it's no big deal. However, even if you can deal with hard water stains on your fixtures and the odd feeling it leaves on your skin, there are other reasons to at least consider adding a water softening system to your home. The truth is, hard water can be extremely hard on certain appliances you have in the house. Take a look at the ugly truth about how hard water can affect some of the appliances you depend on daily. 

Washing Machine

Hard water is essentially water that is overly contaminated with minerals like calcium and magnesium. You may not be able to see these mineral deposits in your wash water, but what you will see is the scaly buildup that can be left behind after several cycles. Unfortunately, this scaly buildup can cause problems over time because it can clog up the washer's drainage lines and water distribution system. You may start to see problems like the washer taking longer than usual to fill up or even not draining clothes properly after a spin cycle. 

Hot Water Heater

The traditional hot water heater holds gallons of water and keeps it heated until it is ready for use. Hard water is hard on your hot water heater because the same mineral deposits that can cause problems with your washing machine can build up inside of the holding tank. Over time, the deposits can form scaly bits that attach to the inside of the tank and even come out in your hot water as small flakes of greyish white material. Additionally, the hard water can be hard on the heating elements of your hot water heater. 


If you are like most homeowners, you will rely heavily on your dishwasher on almost a daily basis. The problem is, if your home suffers from hard water problems, the components inside the dishwasher can get clogged with mineral deposits. This makes it hard for the dishwasher to wash and clean the dishes as it should. You may start to notice a residue on your dishes after they come out of the dishwasher and drainage problems can also start to be a thing. 

You may think that having hard water is no big deal, but when you look at how this water issue affects your expensive appliances, you may think again. If you struggle with hard water in your home, talk to a water treatment expert for advice.